Welcome to Wolf Wind
Design and Handcrafted Leather Equipment for:
Survival / Tactical / Military / Hunting and Bushcraft

Using a personal method with traditional techniques and high-quality hardware, Wolf Wind Leatherworks provides performance with versatile and functional products, solidly built, to last a lifetime.

All Wolf Wind Products are handmade, one by one, with the highest quality materials and that grants to each piece a unique character.

The ergonomics, personality and high-quality on Wolf Wind Leatherworks has its own timeless concept:


In my line of work, it ´s important that the products I have produced are guaranteed for as long as you own.
In case of faults in material or flaws in craftsmanship, I will repair or replace it.

Anyway, the warranty doesn´t cover damages caused by intentional abuse.
To make a warranty claim, send the proof of original purchase.

The Wolf Wind products will withstand wet weather conditions. However, they are made of leather and must be thread accordingly.
There are a variety of products to maintain the oils in your sheath/equipment and to be water-resistant.
For leather care, I recommend a regular application of beeswax leather conditioner and from time to time, Fiebing´s Natural Carnauba Creme - protective wax finish.
With proper care and use, your sheath/equipment will develop a natural patina and will last a lifetime.

High-quality vegetable-tanned leather - Premium.

Made in the USA and the European Union.

Wolf Wind sheath concept:
A strong heavy-duty modular leather sheath to protect the sharpest blades. Most of all Wolf Wind sheaths have a double passage of waxed linen thread and reinforced stress points.
Also, the Wolf Wind sheaths provide an adjustable belt loop system and a retention strap system which allows moving easily with your finger the strap from one side to another.

Sheaths balance:
The Wolf Wind sheaths are designed and built considering the weight of the set (knife and sheath). Thereby, the question of balance point is reached through the combination of both to achieve the final result - your Wolf Wind sheath perfectly balanced on your belt.

Sheaths synergy:
Depending on customer's requests, Wolf Wind´s sheath models are available to be built by order for all the knives on the Wolf Wind Leatherworks site, so you can select the best solution for your ideas or combining attachments from our sheath models.
It is a catalog that creates synergy between knives and sheaths.

Important notes:
Wolf Wind equipment is made to last, so you can always use a Phillips screwdriver to upgrade a new part of your sheath/equipment or just to replace it or even for maintenance. Anyway, the Wolf Wind pieces as also the attachments are removable for you have the option of using at your convenience...

Handmade in Europe

Wolf Wind Leatherworks since 2013




- WOLF WIND LEATHERWORKS WEBSITE: www.wolfwindleatherworks.com

- www.ETSY.com

- Survivalstore.se (Wolf custom modular sheath for the Bark River Bravo 1 and 1.2)

Info: The Warranty only applies to products made to order directly from Wolf Wind Leatherworks. This also applies for repairs /upgrades on products.



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-Wolf XVI Evolution II sheath for EXTREMA RATIO Satre

-Wolf XIV Hourglass EDC Pocket Sheath for Acta Non Verba (ANV) M050

-Wolf XVI Evolution II sheath for ESEE Izula

-Wolf Bushcraft Heavy-Duty Belt

-Wolf Bushcraft Pouch

-Wolf XVI Evolution sheath for EXTREMA RATIO NK1

-Wolf XV Raptor sheath for BASTINELLI BB Drago

WAIT TIME (approx.) for some examples:

- Sheaths: 1/3 weeks
- Pouches: 1/3 weeks
- Tactical Belt: 5/6 weeks
- Equipment Belt: 5/6 weeks
- Wolf VII Wilderness sheath: 6/7 weeks
- Wolf VIII Pathfinder sheath: 5/6 weeks

Note: the lead time of each product can be updated according to the work schedule

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.
I only accept returns within the European Union.
I will refund the cost of the item, shipping fee will be non-refundable.
Refund only after reception of the item in the original state and without damages.
Contact me within 3 days of delivery.
Return the product within 14 days from the date of delivery.
Custom or personalized orders can't be returned.
Anyway, I do not refund if the buyer does not receive the product and it is returned. In this case, the product will be resent and the customer has to bear the shipping costs.
As the Wolf Wind products are made to order, I do not accept cancellations, after the order has already started.
Shipping policies: Packages are normally sent by Priority Mail International with a tracking number included (I provide you the tracking number on the same day that I send the packet so you can track it). Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs or any delay in package delivery times.

SHIPPING RATES with tracking number service and package/handling included (prices approx.):

- Europe

Weight a) - 11 EUR
Weight b) - 14 EUR
Weight c) - 22 EUR
Weight d) - price upon request

- USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Japan

Weight a) - 16 EUR
Weight b) - 25 EUR
Weight c) - 36 EUR
Weight d) - price upon request

CUSTOMERS FEEDBACK - sent by email (from 2013 to 2024):


Sincerely Yours,
Manuel Janeiro

Below there are some Customers Feedback which will be updated from time to time... :

Hi Manuel,
I received the sheaths today, they sure feel and look flawless! You crafted faster than Roman too now that I'm waiting on the knives.
Thanks again for your expertise!
I have a question also. I lost one of the six screws for the Wolf EDC belt. What size and specifications are those screws so I can buy replacements?
Best regards,
C.Y. (Vancouver-BC-Canada)

Received today. Beautiful Craftsmanship.
Thank you!
M.P. (Mount Dora- FL-USA)

Got it today. Superb as usual!
M.T. (Sykesville- MD-USA)

Mr. Janeirro,
The package arrived today. As usual, fully exceeded my expectations.
Everything is perfect. Many thanks.
Take care,
G.E. (Nova Scotia-Canada)

Hello Manuel,
The belt arrived on time (a while ago...), it has been offered as a gift and it was very much appreciated.
Thank you for your beautiful work.
Kind regards,
E.S. (Madrid-Spain)

Got it!
And even though I expected a lot, I am still highly impressed!
Just beautiful work.
Thank you,
N.T. (Varazdin-Croatia)

Good afternoon. Got it all.
Thank you very much.
Very cool products.
All the best.
I. P.(Neuss-Germany)

Hello Manuel,
the package arrived today and you were absolutely right about the screw length. It's a perfect fit and I absolutely love the slim version of my sheath! Many thanks for your help and this awesome product!!!
As soon as Etsy allows it I will make sure to leave a nice review.
Best regards,
M.K. (Breitscheid-Germany)

Hello Manuel,
the package arrived yesterday. Thank you very much, all the items are of the usual good quality and I really like them.
Many greetings from Düsseldorf
C.T. (Düsseldorf-Germany)

Hello Manuel,
The wallet and knife pouch has arrived and what an impressive finish, they look and feel fantastic!
Thanks for your beautiful craftsmanship!
A.O. (Mölndal-Sweden)

Good afternoon Manuel,
I have received your Wolf Wind sheath for my Chris Reeve Green Beret knife this afternoon, and I would like to offer my highest possible praise for your product. In 40 years of knife collecting I have never seen a higher quality sheath constructed with such attention to detail! Your craftsmanship has far exceeded even my wildest expectations!
When I received my Chris Reeve knife from the factory I was significantly disappointed with their nylon covering and knew that an upgrade was necessary. Never did I think that your leather workmanship could completely surpass the quality of the very knife that it now holds; but that is exactly what you did! Your Wolf Wind sheath should be the only product offered with this knife from the factory.
In a world of disappointment, THANK YOU for being the exception!
E.D. (Oxford-MI-USA)

Howdy, Manuel:
Your latest package arrived just as perfectly as the first. The sheath was a huge hit with Diane!
Thank you for the excellent design and workmanship and for your cooperation in getting the specifications just right.
Best regards,
S.T. (South Ogden-UT-USA)

Hello Manuel,
Parcel arrived today. Both sheath and pouch are perfect !!! They fit well knives ( after sheath fine adjustment with the screws), I like the leather and his color . You made a great work : bravo !!!
Best Regards,
P.G. (L'Isle sur la Sorgue-France)

Hi, Manuel:
My package arrived today, and I could not be more impressed. From the packaging to the sheath itself, everything is first class. Your attention to detail is most remarkable. Thank you for all the hard work on my behalf.
Best regards,
S.T. (South Ogden-UT-USA)

Hi Manuel, arrived!!!
Looks awesome, great fit and finish.
The smaller Belt wear my wife now.
Many, many thanks.
Best regards,
P.H. (Kassel-Germany)

Hi there. Belt received, and I love it, just as perfect as the sheath!! I look forward to many years of use and ordering further items in the future!!
Once again, thanks!!
N.C. (Bracknell-Berkshire-UK)

Hello Manuel,
I received the package today! Wow sir, this is hands down some of the best leather work I have had the pleasure of owning. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to carrying this with me bow hunting this year.
Best Wishes,
N.B. (Indianapolis-IN-USA)

I received my sheath today in good order. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship. This sheath was made to last!
I have several knives and I may be ordering from you in the future.
Thank you,
C.V. (Browns Valley-CA-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I have received the parcel in good order today.
I am really happy with the sheaths you have made. Man, do these look good!
Thanks a lot, I will wear them with pride!
Kind regards,
L.P. (Nunspeet-The Netherlands)

Hi Manuel,
Great Craftsmanship, beatiful work. Many thanks.
Best regards,
P.H. (Kassel-Germany)

Hi Manuel
The sheath arrived and it’s amazing, thank you very much. I’m very happy with it and can’t wait to take it out on my next trip before Christmas.
All the best!
A.K. (South Mackay-QLD-Australia)

I recently purchased a sheth from Wolf Wind, and would like to say "WOW"! What a fantastic sheath. The quality is out of this world. The quality is amazing. If I ever need a sheath again it will be from Wolf Wind. I have shown it to my fellow veterans and bushcrafters, and they were impressed with the sheath also.
Great product
M.C. (Dayton-KY-USA)

Hi Manuel. The sheath arrived safe and sound, and as I expected, I love it. Thank you. I will be in touch soon with my next order if that's ok.
All the best,
M.H. (Birmingham-UK)

It arrived last week but i could get it only today.
Its incredible! I’m very happy!
This amazing knife has now the sheath it deserve.
Best regards
L.B. (Genève-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel,
Yesterday, i received the package. Thanks for your support and thanks for the great work.
The quality is awesome!
Please keep up this great work.
Best regards
T.A. (Berlin-Germany)

Hi Manuel
Just received my sheath. Thank you, the work is absolutely superb, wouldn't hesitate to recommend your work or to purchase further items. Very, very satisfied customer, and the packaging is a lovely touch. All fantastic.
B.C. (Manchester-UK)

Thank you so much again, Manuel! Your work is a piece of art! ;) As is the packaging..
In fact, the sheath is much cooler than the knife that sits in.. ;)
L.I. ( Gars am Kamp-Austria)

Hi Manuel,
I received your double pouch for the victorinox pioneer today and just want to say thanks and compliment you on your excellent craftmanship.
J.F. (Galway-Ireland)

Hello Manuel,
Today, afternoon, yeah! Postal services at our door!
You have made me truely happy! Many many thanks that you wanted to do some more extra effort for me, thanksssss!!! Very much!
Now it fits much more as I hoped for! And, you've packed it all again very very good and with care! It's really a joy to receive and unpack a package taken care for for like you do, that also must be said!
Wauw wauw, you made me very happy! Top top And high quality, superb!
I wish you a nice weekend, when I meet someone who is looking for something like a product of you I will sent him to you for sure!
For now with very kind regards and greetings!
F.W. (Zeewolde-Netherlands)

Hello Manuel,
My sheath arrived yesterday and I am very happy at what you have created. The quality of the materials, design, compact size and blade retention are perfect.
Thank you!
R.R. (Norfolk-VA-USA)

Hi, just wanted to let You know that the package arrived.
Awesome craftsmanship! Super happy with the quality.
I will let you know my impressions after I use it for a bit.
Best regards,
B.S. (Siemianowice Slaskie-Poland)

Belt and key carabiner arrived!
I’m super satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship! Can’t wait for the pouch to arrive.
Best Regards,
B.S. (Siemianowice Slaskie-Poland)

I have always thought that there is a lot of nice knives out there but that the sheaths are almost always forgotten, both designwise and qualitywise. I have been a fan of custom leather sheaths since I saw David Carillos Apache-knives, many years ago, so when I saw Manuel-Wolf Wind Leatherworks, equally awesome looking sheaths on the internet, I had to order a custom one to fit my survival stuff. Main knife:Wander Tactical URO San Mai -Second knife:Spartan knives Enyo S45VN -Sharpener:Fallkniven DC3 -Firesteel:Exotac Nanostriker XL Titanium -Flashlight:Rovyvon Aurora A24 Titanium -Compass:Prometeus Design Werx Titanium. I e-mailed Manuel for a quote on all the wants and a timeline. Got it promptly. Thereafter, I sent all my stuff to him in Lisbon, Portugal. He e-mailed me as soon as he got the stuff and shortly afterwords, I got a suggestion on the desigh which I accepted. During the fabrication, Manuel sent me updates on the progress, I think 4 times. Today, about 6-8 weeks after the first contact, I received the finished sheath and I can just say ...wow!!!! I am really impressed with the work Manuel has done. Top, top quality of fabrication and top materials used. Both knives sits very secure in their sheaths and also the firesteel and the flashlight. Manuel included new bungeecords with plastic endcaps to the firesteel and the flashlight. All the parts on the sheath is removable, for the possibility to make me wear the knives separetly or to update with other stuff in the future (Futureproof). If separetly worn, the large knife is worn with the beltloop Cobrabuckle or the Molleclip on the backpack and the small knife with a beltclip, also included. So, is this sheath expensive, Yes it costs a fair amount of money but I would say NO, not considering the quality of workmanship or quality of materials. I would NOT be able to make a sheath like this with all the manhours and all the quality parts for the money I payed even if I had the skill required. All in all highly recommend Manuel if you have a nice blade which needs a new sheath.
Best regards,
P.R. (Rimforsa-Sweden)

Hi Manuel,
Dad just received your parcel. He’s absolutely over-the-moon with his gift. I think I might finally be in first line to inherit the family claret jug. Thank you again for such excellent workmanship. Have a very happy Christmas.
Best regards,
T.D. (Wickham Market-Suffolk-UK)

I’ve got the sheath today.
Thank you very much for making it.
The craftsmanship is stunning.
The quality is outstanding.
I am deeply impressed by your work.
You have a lot of great ideas built into the sheath.
I am very happy having it.
Thank you.
M.V. (Basel-Switzerland)

Manuel, I received the sheath today. It is beautiful and already swinging on my hip. You are a master of your craft. Thank you!
A.E. (Syracuse-NY-USA)

Bonjour Manuel
La pochette est superbe…. Pour les boutons pression c’est impeccable ! Merci à toi pour cette superbe réalisation.
À bientôt
F.G. (Berck-France)

Dear Manuel,
The sheath was delivered a few hours ago!
Man, this is some piece of equipment! Exquisite work.
I am totally impressed.
M.V. (Bucarest-Romania)

Dear Manuel,
Just some feedback after using you sheat now for some time. One word: SUPER!!!
It works perfect. And quallaty is outstanding.
Thanks again.
J.W. (Veenendaal-The Netherlands)

It arrived!
I love it, super tough! Tomorrow it will fit in my pocket!
And very Nice packaging!
Thanks a lot for the very good expérience!
L.B. (Genève-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel,
The Belt has arrived and is great! Thanks for the production updates, too.
Best regards,
H.H. (Taufkirchen-Germany)

Hi Manuel
I have now received your excellent product thank you it is a brilliant fit.
I’m am very happy.
Kind Regards
D.A. (Inverness-Scotland)

Received the sheath today. The craftsmanship is phenomenal. I really liked the way it was packaged in the paper. Very traditional, which is appreciated. Take care and thank you.
A.T. (Saint Augustine-Florida-USA)

Bonjour Manuel
J’ai bien reçu le colis Les articles sont superbes, le sur mesure est parfait …merci encore pour ton travail d’artiste (dommage que je ne puisse pas laisser un avis sur esty )
Je ne manquerai pas de venter tes talents et ton site aux personnes qui flasherons sur mon « super Matos ».
Encore merci l’ami et à une prochaine fois
F.G. (Berck-France)

Hello Manuel,
Thank you for keeping a close eye on my parcel!
As of today, I have received your parcel. It is absolutely perfect with a tight fit. There is no rattle, noice or any movement. Obrigado! In due time, I will keep you informed about its usage. As for now, thanks again for your advice and small talk. Stay safe!
A.N.(Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht-The Netherlands)

Hello Manuel,
Great work, craftmanship and care for detail and quality ;) !!
10 out of 10!
L.I. (Wien-Austria)

I receive my belt and it is beyond expectation.
Excellent work !!!
S.F. (St-Félicien-Québec-Canada)

Hello Manuel,
the sheath has arrived. I am very pleased with the quality and looks, i am sure it will serve me well. Now i'm just waiting to go camping and see how it holds up!
Thanks again and wish you all the best.
P.S.: where can i write a review or just give you a positive vote?
D.O. (Sezana -Slovenia)

I got the sheath today an it great thanks again I didn’t see the purchase on Etsy so I just wanted to say thanks again an it’s perfect. Also this knife is very popular in the US an all u get with it is a little klydex sheath an the leather is $100 it took me awhile trying find someone to make an affordable one. If people see your sheath, with the enyo, for that price when they google. I think you could sell A lot. Just an observation
K.S. (Parma-OH-USA)

Received the sheath today. Beautiful craftsmanship and nicecolours! It fit the knife perfect!
Really looking forward to using it! Thanks a lot!!
Best regards
S.D. (Lier-Norway)

Hello Manuel,
Wanted to thank you for the sheath. The finish on the leather is awesome, the stitching is perfect and the design is great. I need to get started on some kids so I can hand this down to future generations!
Thanks again, Awesome work and will be ordering again soon.
M.C. (Pittsburgh-PA-USA)

The sheath has arrived safe and sound. Thanks for a great sheath and splendid craftmanship!
Best regards,
A.O. (Mölndal-Sweden)

Thank you, Manuel. I very much look forward to using one of your famous sheaths. I saw one that a friend showed me at Blade Show in Atlanta a couple of years ago. In my opinion yours are the finest crafted leather sheaths on the planet. No one else even comes close to the Wolf Wind level of quality.
J.K. (Tennessee-USA)

Hi Manuel. Package finally arrived. Beautifully work!
You are an artist. Thank you so much sir.
J.P. (Pilsgrove-New Jersey-USA)

Picked it up today, I am extremely happy with it. Excellent work!
Best regards
C.A. (Stockholm-Sweden)

Hi Manuel
today i receive my package..
a very nice belt pouch for my Huntsman that is still tight at the first push button (but the leather will certainly expand) ... maybe I will also order a 3rd cover :-)
Good Work
F.Z. (Rodenberg-Germany)

Morning Manuel,
I’ve been meaning to email and keep forgetting.
Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing belt!!
My husband loves it and cannot wait to put it to work.
Fit is great!
Thank you again!
K.T. (Las Vegas-USA)

Manuel, I want to follow up on my last email.
The more I live with this knife sheath the more I see how much thought you have put into it.
So many potential problems are prevented before they can even start.
The workmanship is superb throughout. Of course the leatherwork is beautiful as well.
The sheath is so durable that it will last more than one lifetime, even if used daily.So well done, Manuel.
Thank you.
S.M. (Austin-Texas-USA)

Dear Mr. Janeiro
The sheath has finally arrived.
I absolutely love it, great work!
Thank you very much and good health and luck to you and your family
C.B. (Lätti-Switzerland)

I got my Sheath today and I love it !!
Look forward to buying more from you.
R.M. (Indiana-USA)

Hello Manuel,
Sheath and extra flashlight loop all received, excellent work as usual.
I'll be back for more commissions soon.
Stay safe
D.C. (Weston Super Mare-UK)

Hello Manuel,
today I received a well-fitting, nice-looking case for my knife.
Thank you for that I will recommend you to
F.Z. (Rodenberg-Germany)

Hi Manuel,
I'm really happy with what you made, it's perfect made, and also my two sized multtools fit very good in the pouch .
I'm okee with putting it on your social media, show the world :-)
Thanks a lot, it's 100 % what I hoped for,
E.V.H. (Amsterdam-The Netherlands)

Hi Manuel
I received the sheath on Friday and I’m really happy with it.
You have done a great job.
K.D. (Strömstad-Sweden)

Thank you, Mr. Janeiro, for a beautifully made and rugged sheath.
I could not be happier with it. Truly outstanding!
I wish you a most happy 2021!
S.M. (Austin-Texas-USA)

Hi there,
First and foremost I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year, I hope you are well.
I have received the sheath for my esee 6 (3D handle scale edition) and absolutely love it. I am very impressed with the ammount of craftsmanship and customer service you have provided!
I have sent 2 photos that you may use for your own social media with my knife.
I also have a question about the live fire tin that fits the pouch. What are the dimensions of the tin? I am aware that there are multiple sizes of the live fire tin so I am curious which one to buy.
Thank you in advance,
A very happy customer,
B.J. (Sheffield-South Yorkshire-UK)

Arrived.really great.Many thanks.
F.B. (Shepton Market-Somerset-UK)

I love the sheath! The fit and feel are extraordinary.
Thank You.
C.P. (Johnson City-Tennessee-USA)

My sheath arrived yesterday. You do amazing work, youre an artist! Thank you!
I have a couple questions for you. Can you give me a link to the website for the sharpening stone and Firestarter that the sheath has been sized to fit?
Also, is there any need to put loctite on the Chicago screws on the sheath?
Thank you
J.L. (Mingo-Iowa-USA)

This is the best i have ever seen!!! This sheath is totaly amazing!! I love it! What an uppgrade
C.B. (Oskarshamn-Sweden)

Hi Manuel
Just to inform you that today I received the sheath. It’s more than I expected! Once again thank you for excellent customer service and perfect product!!!
Wish you all the best and until next time
Best regards
A. M. (Esslingen Am Neckar-Germany)

Mr. Janeiro,
Just a note to let you know that my package arrived earlier this past week. I was away, so I didn’t open it until last night. Everything is excellent! Thank you very much. Your work is incredible. All of my equipment fits very well. I plan to test it in a couple of weeks during a fishing trip to Labrador. Many thanks,
G.E. (Fall River-Nova Scotia-Canada)

Ok Manuel i received your item two weak ago, i’ m very happy.
A.C. (Rivarolo Del Re-Italy)

Just received it. It looks, fits, and functions very well!
Great product.Thank you!
E.S. (Leland-North Carolina-USA)

I just received my double pouch and sir it is outstanding.Thank you so much for making this for me,
I can't wait to put it to use in the future.
Safe travels and many Adventures.
W.P. (Fort Worth-Texas-USA)

Hello Manuel
I received my item today and it looks great better then my expected from the construction updates to the wrapping. Thank you so much stay safe.
M.L. (Santa Paula-California-USA)

Hi Manuel.
My order arrived earlier and I do not have the words to express how amazing it is!!
It is so beautiful that I'm torn between using it for intended purpose, and displaying it as a work of art!! Obviously I've not had a chance to try it out properly yet, but look forward to as I'm sure it will exceed expectations.
I will definitely be making further purchases over time to add to my collection!!
Happy for you to use this as a testimonial if you want.
N.C. (Bracknell-Berkshire-UK)

Hi Manuel,
Just a note saying that I have received your parcel. Thanks again for your quality and service! I will give you my review after a short while.
Stay safe,
A.N. (La Barendrecht-The Netherlands)

Dear Manuel,
The casual belt, tool pouch and snap hook items arrived safely today.
They were packed beautifully and the craftsmanship is simply sublime.
The design, fit and finish is flawless.
The pieces are incredibly robust and will last a lifetime.
We live in a world of mass produced low grade kit, and your superb work stands out as an example of how all things should be made: with masterly skills, attention to detail and love.
J.R (Beverley-UK)

I got it. It is better than the knife. You do great work, thanks
D.N. (Fort Worth-Texas-USA)

I wanted to compliment you on the beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. The paper packaging twine and wax seal created a wonderful old world artisan feel when opening it. The Benchmade fits perfectly in the sheath.
I was wondering if the Outback Leather Seal pictured will be OK to treat the sheath?
B.M. (Aurora-Colorado-USA)

Thank you so much. Its beautiful. I love the packaging. Now I'll enjoy it for the lifetime of the master hunter. God bless you and I'm proud to be a customer of wolf wind.
G.C. (Alice-Texas-USA)

Hi Manuel!!! Belt arrived today and I am delighted!!!
Truly a work of art. Craftmanship is splendid!!!
Thank you very much!!! I am very happy!!!
F.C. (Ciudad de Mexico-Mexico)

The belt arrived yesterday.
First I'd like to say thank you for all of your great communication! You let me know what was happening every step of the way. The build time was just as fast as you said.
The packaging you wrapped the products in was a great touch to such a high quality product.
The belt and pouches exceeded my expectations! Very high quality and extreme attention to detail. I will refer you to anybody I know looking for high quality leather works.
Thank you again!
Sincerely Luke.
L.S. (Independence-USA)

Hi Manuel, my order has arrived and I am very pleased with it, thanks so much.
Love how you wrap your orders for shipment too.
Have a fantastic festive season and all the very best to you in the New Year,
Kindest Regards
P.C. (Charleville-Australia)

Dear Manuel.
Finally parcel arrived!
Everything is great. Sheath fits well. Work that you have done is perfect!
Thanks a lot.
I attached some pictures for you social media accounts.
Best regards
S.F. (Moscow-Russia)

Hello Manuel,
I just received the adapter in the post office today. This is exactly what i wanted. Thank you very much.
D.F. (Moscow-Russia)

Good evening Manuel,
the pouch and the sheath look absolutly amazing! The qualitiy is magnificent. The way they were packed shows how much dedication you have towards your work.
Thank you very much for making these fine peaces of craftsmenship. I will definitly order again!
Keep up the fantastic work!
Best regards
T.S. (Hamburg-Germany)

Hi Manuel,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband received the sheath and he LOVES it. He says it was everything he wanted and I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding quality and customer service.
Thank you and best of luck to you and your business!
G.G. (Dyer-USA)

Hi Manuel
The parcel have arrived and what beautiful craftmanship! Thank you!
I will find time to write my absolutely positive review - is there a place online you would like me to write it?
Best regards
P.G.T. (Struer-Denmark)

Hi Manuel,
I've just taken delivery of my new belt and the loop for my sheath. As always, you've done a fantastic job.
The quality is just great.
Thanks again for the belt and loop.
T.D. (Felixstowe-UK)

sheath fits like a glove, there's a little wiggle from side to side if I do it next to the guard but I suppose that needs to be there cause the blade is so damned big.
The finish and craftsmanship is second to none.
Packaging was great and with super care taken to make my experience great, I really appreciate it, and feel the urge to order something more made by you.
Your awesome at what you do!.
I will try to take pictures as soon as possible to let you have for your website.. I know you don't have any of the Modern Bowie up yet.
I'm so happy everything went fine and it got here!
Thank you so much for making this for me Manuel, it will be with me until the end of my days.
I'll come back to you with what my next order might be ;)
Kind regards,
S.L. (Tyresö-Sweden)

Hi Manuel
Belt is in da house!! Its masterpiece. Piece of art!
Thank you so much!!!!!
P.K. (Banovce Nad Bebravou-Slovakia)

Good Morning Manuel,
sorry, that it took me so long to write you back, I have been really busy. The pouch arrived safely and I am very happy with it.
Thank you so much for your excellent work and service.
I will most definitely come back to you and order again in the future.
Keep it up.
Greetings from Munich
F.F (Munich-Germany)

Hey Manuel,
I received the tobacco pouch and Eric Nording Pipe yesterday and love it. I feel like you created an heirloom quality set that will easily outlive myself and I greatly appreciate it. The pipe looks and smokes great too...
Best Regards,
T.L. (Fredericksburg-USA)

Dear Manuel,
the Parcel arrive here just the other day, thanks again for this great Gear. Next weekend I will try it out in the Woods.
Best Regards
H.S. (Bad Pyrmont-Germany)

Amazing craftsmanship. Thank you! Do you recommend neatsfoot oil? Also, I'm leaning towards the TRC South Pole. It looks like a high quality knife. Thanks again for all your help.
J.D (Arlington-USA)

Hi Manuel, just to let you know that the I received yesterday my multi-tools pouch and it fits perfectly on my Leatherman Wave. Thank you again for all your service.
M.S. (London-UK)

Hi Manuel,
Sorry for the "radio silence”, just for your information did the parcel arrived yesterday, all well and in one piece.
So far only a quick glance but as always top notch craftmanship and perfect fit and finish.
I will put in to use and get back to you. Also, thanks for the hardware, It will come in to good use.
Keep safe and enjoy the season and weather,
Best regards,
H.J. (Partille-Sweden)

Bonjour Manuel,
J’ai bien reçu le colis, merci ! Pour le modèle pistolet, je n’aime pas trop la boucle raison pour laquelle je n’ai pas pris ce modèle. Mais je fais l’essayer pendant le travail, mon étui pistolet est un inside. Donc, dans le pantalon, c’est surtout le reste de mon matériel qui sera déterminant.
Je verrais avec le temps. Sinon, je vous recommanderais une autre ceinture :-)
Encore merci, elles sont super, je me réjouis de donner celle à mon fils ce soir !
Je vous tiendrais au courant d’ici quelques mois pour voir si la ceinture supporte mon travail. Meilleures salutations depuis la Suisse
J.T. (Echandens-Switzerland)

Manuel, hello!
Finally i got the parcel from you! Thanks a lot!
I really like sheath made by you! Great quality, every detail well done! I made some pictures for you. Thank you very much!!!!
Best regards
S.F. (Moscow-Russia)

Hello Manuel. Today i recieved my belt and Man it is Awesome. Thank you so much for the build. I cant wait to get in the field with it. keep up the good work and safe travels my friend!.
W.P (Fort Worth-USA)

Hello Manuel,
I got the sheath on the post. It happened on my birthday, which is especially nice. Thank you very much for the sheath and for the recommendations on caring for them. Best regards,
D.F. (Moscow-Russia)

I received the package and it's wonderful! Thank you so much! My family lived the classic packaging and wax seal! Makes it really special! I can't wait to make more orders in the future!
N.R. (Taylorsville-USA)

The package has arrived safely.
Beautiful work Manuel! Thank you for such a wonderful sheath system.
You’re truly an artist!
Kindest regards,
J.H. (Madisonville-USA)

Arrived... awesome! Fits perfectly!
Thanks :)
P.M. (Lodz-Poland)

Hello Manuel,
I just received my belt. Once again, outstanding craftsmanship my friend. I am very happy with it. Your products are pretty much worry-free, if you know what I mean. It is plain and simple, Wolfwind stuff just works. Awesome.
J.G. (Vienna-Austria)

got the delivery...
I’m stoked! Best dangler sheath loops I’ve ever seen. Absolutely awesome work buddy! Thank you.
Oh, nice packing too
P.M. (Lodz-Poland)

Hello Manuel. Today i recieved the Sheath and It Looks Great. Next on my List will be the Equipment Belt, but its going to be a while. Thank you again for Producing awesome Gear. Until Next time safe Travels and Many Adventures!
W.P. (Fort Worth-USA)

Hello Manuel,
Your package arrived today. Your work is beautiful. I will be attaching it to my belt and bringing it into the field this weekend. Thank you again for your time and attention to detail in creating this pouch set.
T.C. (Eastchester-USA)

Beautiful work! You truly are an artisan. My only regret is that I didn’t order from you sooner! Thank you and have a great weekend.
Best Regards,
T.C. (Eastchester-USA)

Hello Manuel,
i received today the package! Your working it's very serious and the presentation (sealed in the red wax) of the product it's very nice!
Thank you so much.
I recommend in my friends your job!
With my best regards,
F.D. (Cheratte-Belgium)

Hi Manuel, my sheath arrived this week, thanks so much it’s awesome. I’m very pleased with it.
Early next year I wouldn’t mind getting one of your folding knife pouches made for my Cold Steel Finn Wolf folder.
I look forward to contacting you again with the details and Wish you all the best for the New Year, Regards.
P.C. (Charleville-Australia)

Hello Manuel,
I received my order today. What a pleasure to unpack the gear and to admire your beautiful job.
Many thanks for you excellent service you gave all along the work and i look forward to use it in forrest.
I Wish you a good Christmas and keep in touch for maybe my next knife.
Best regards.
P.T. (Progens-Switzerland)

Hi Manuel.
Thank you very much for adding the adapter. The drop leg platform is absolutely brilliant. Your craftsmanship is superb.
Best regards,
P.V.D. (Thirsk-UK)

Hi Manuel,
Today I came home, to found the amazing sheath! The fit and finish is as always outstanding, and it didn't took long to attach it to my Equipment Belt, the place that it deserves.
And... keychain much appreciated. Obviously, I will continue shopping with you whenever I need a piece of equipment that is both beautiful and that will last for generations.
Thank you very much Manuel, until the next time I wish you a wonderful evening
Best regards,
E.G. (Regensdorf-Switzerland)

Hi Manuel,
I got a complete suprise today! But when I got home there was standing something on the table.
So i resieved your artwork today! It is stunning! I realy love it! Thank you Manuel! I’ll remember you when i’ll need some leatherwork done..
Thank you!
M.S. (Genk-Belgium)

got my stuff...its all great. the belt is the exact size i wanted. thanks for doing a great job. i will be ordering from you again.
M.S. (Bullard-USA)

I will put a very highly recommended rating on YouTube and will write you a recommendation if needed.
Thank you for a superior product!!!
J.H. (McKinney-USA)

I only invest in the best. And Wolf Wind definitely is the best of the best.
J.H. (McKinney-USA)

Wow! I recieved my belt today and its PERFECT! I am using the exact middle hole on the belt for my waist size. It's right on! Thanks for making this belt for me. It turned out great!!! I appreciate it!
H.B. (Upton-USA)

Hi Manuel,
Just received the product! It's amazing... not just the belt but the packaging, presentation, etc.
Always a pleasure to order a quality handcrafted product made by you.
Have a great week!
J.S. (Madrid-Spain)

Hi Manuel,
The parcels with my two knife sheaths arrived today. I am so impressed; the presentation and the quality of workmanship is absolutely stunning. I look forward to using them for many years to come. I will definitely be recommending Wolf Wind to others and I will certainly avail myself of your services again in future. Thank you so much for your hard work and professional approach throughout this process.
Best regards,
T.D. (Wickham Market-UK)

Hi Manuel,
I received my package and like the touch of the wax seal. I was like a young boy at Christmas opening a present. I'm overly happy with the sheath and arrowhead pouch you made for me. I really appreciate the hard work and time put in by you. I'll cherish both items and looking forward to using them out in the wilds.
Until our next adventure, thank you very much.
A.C. (Kildare-Ireland)

All arrived. It’s as beautiful as I expected!
Many thanks for your efforts, work and craftsmanship.
Kind regards.
O.S. (London-UK)

Good evening Manuel!
I revived my package today, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Once again you’ve blown my mind!
Thank you so much! I’m interested in more of your products. You’ll be hearing from me real soon.
Best regards,
J.M. (Spencer-USA)

Hi Manuel, how are you? Today I received my package...
I am truly impressed. I think that I never saw a craftmanship as good as yours, really. Belt & pouch are built like a tank and I am confident they will last a lifetime if not more. I can't wait to use them. And the unboxing is an experience by itself, I find great what you do.
As a last note... I will surely continue shopping from you at this point. I saw a lot of products that are really interesting and I can't wait to check them out :-)
Best regards,
E.G. (Regensdorf-Switzerland)

Okay thanks for the reply by the way I love my multi tool pouch great job and I am sure I will love my Esee PR4 sheath soon as it arrives, I will be ordering some more sheaths in the future Thanks again.
J.N. (Strawberry Plains-USA)

I received my package today!
I’m very pleased!
I can not say enough good things about your skills and craftsmanship. Thank you for the keychain!
J.M. (Spencer-USA)

Hello Manuel,
The parcel has arrived a few Minutes ago....and i would like to thank you for this absolutely great piece of craftmanship! It is beautiful.....
With best regards,
A.S. (Osterwieck-Germany)

Hello Manuel!
My sheath came today! I can’t say enough good Things about this! Your craftsmanship is Absolutely phenomenal!
Thank you so much!
J.M. (Spencer-USA)

Hello Manuel!
I recived my package today. Thank you for the sheath, what a great work and quality, Im impressed.
Thank you again!
Best regards
M.B. (Solna-Sweden)

Hello Manuel,
i got the parcel yesterday. Thanks a lot, the pouch is great, fabulous colors from leather and stitching.
Also thanks a lot for the nice little gift:)
I will share pictures when i will use it first, maybe in Sweden.
D.M. (Esternberg-Austria)

Hello Manuel,
Today I received the sheath.
Super workmanship.
Thank you very much.
With best regards
V.V. (Sofia-Bulgaria)

Hello Manuel
The drop leg platform arrived today.
Thank you,
P.V. (Thirsk-UK)

Hello Manuel,
got the parcel yesterday, the pouch is great, thank you very much.
I will make some pictures for insta on my first us, ok?
D.M. (Esternberg-Austria)

Hello Manuel,
I received my Wolf II Frej sheath today.
All I can say is...WOW! This is a great sheath and the nicest sheath I now have for any of my knives.
The packaging was great also, very well done.
Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it.
Best Regards.
B.R. (Brewer-USA)

Hi Manuel,
My Sheath arrived already, just a few minutes ago!
Your workmanship is nothing less than exquisite. Thank you so very much. The opportunities to buy hand made items which can easily outlast yourself and yet are still priced reasonably is unprecedented in 2018. Congrats on your amazing business.
With kindest regards,
M.W. (Scriven-UK)

Hi Manuel
The sheath arrived well today! This is exceptional work.
It is almost as I hesitate to use it and rather keep it as a display item, but that would also be a shame so it is definitively coming with me into the Norwegian mountains and Yukon this summer.
Good thing it is also rock solid.
S.O. (Raadal-Norway)

Hi Manuel
Received my package today. Awesome stunning craftmanship packaging to match, tools ready to use in Canada where my son lives.
Thank you its been a pleasure doing business with you.
God Bless
J.C. (Basingstoke-UK)

Hello Manuel,
Sheath arrived.
Great work.
Until next time.
Kind regards,
M.H. (Towsville-Australia)

I would like to inform you that I have received the package you sent. Everything was perfect and intact. Your craftsmanship and stitching is excellent. I will wear it with pride. Thank you very much.
R.S. (Kennewick-USA)

Hi mr. Janeiro, Good morning Sir,
This morning was arrived the package! I don't have the exactly word to say all your great and professional handmade job.
wooowww!!! looks and feels awesome! I'm very satisfied and grateful with this purchase and all your superb service.
Add you some pics.
Thanks for all! Keep in touch mr. Janeiro.
Best regards,
G.B. (Barcelona-Spain)

Hello Manuel,
the package arrived today.
Everything is perfect and very beautiful.
Thank you and have a good week end.
M.N. (Montriggiori-Italy)

I received the sheath yesterday. It is perfect. Very well made. Thank you.
J.D. (Lima-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I received the sheath Saturday. Thank you so much, its a great job. Build quality is outstanding.
Im going to be uploading images to instagram and I will tag and name Wolf Wind Leatherworks.
Thanks again!
M.S. (Swindon-UK)

Hallo Manuel,
the sheath has arrived and it’s beautiful.
Now I’m waiting for Fällkniven Frej...
kind regards
M.N. (Montriggiori-Italy)

Hi Manuel
Parcel arrived today. Very well packed and item is amazing quality.
Your job is simple Masterpiece.
Thank you
L.G. (Birmingham-UK)

And there it is. :D :D :D
Many thanks, will return with another order soon. :D
M.G. (Själevad-Sweden)

Hi Manuel,
Just to let you know that I picked up my belt yesterday, and I am extremely happy with it. Flawless workmanship, looks even better in real life than the photos.
Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas.
I shall be returning for more products in the New Year!
Kind regards
P.G. (Plymouth-UK)

Hey Manuel,
Got my sheath today and I can't believe the quality! Outstanding work, even the packaging was top notch, thank you so much and keep up the quality work.
B.F. (Amaranth-Canada)

Hey Manuel,
The sheath arrived today! It looks amazing! Thank you for the updates along the way and all the hard work you put into making this sheath. The quality is amazing! I loved the packaging too!!
D.H. (Midland-USA)

Hello Manuel,
Multi-tool pouch arrived. perfect as always.
Your products are the best. Thank you for this new addition to my collection of Wolf Wind products.
I will be ordering more soon!
Thank you, Best wishes,
D.M. (Auburn-USA)

Hello Manuel,
The wolf custom bag arrived today thank you . The canteen fits perfectly and this will make a great edition to my collection of bush craft gear.
Many Thanks
A.P. (Bognor Regis-UK)

Hello Manuel
Received, Perfection as always.
Will always recommend.
Thank you,
S.D. (Carson City-USA)

Hello Manuel,
I just received the sheaths and my first impression was :
What a sheath !
They mix the good looking and robustness of the leather with a very pratical side.
I'm really impressed to see how perfect they are.
Thanks a lot for these wonderful sheaths. and to a next order.
Thank you and best regards
K.T. (Echandens-Switzerland)

Manuel, just picked up.
The sheath is goregous. I am speechless - truly amazed with your craft.
Thank you
K.J. (Krakow-Poland)

Received today, Fantastic work….
Will recommend you to anybody…….
Thank You
S.D. (Carson City-USA)

Got mail yesterday and I'm thrilled.
Love it and your work. Will order more soon.
Thanks. :D :D :D
M.G. (Själevad-Sweden)

Package was received today and my god it's as amazing as I had hoped.
Thank you so much for this craftsmanship, really impressive!
K.V. (Haslev-Denmark)

I am delighted to say that my two EDC belts arrived here this weekend.
I am more than pleased with them. They are even better than expected and the craftsmanship is excellent. I shall be needing a new gunbelt before too long and will be in touch again when needed.
Thank you again for your excellent service and skill.
D.M. (Brockley-UK)

Manuel, Today I received the Multi Tool Pouch and just like the Sheath, your Workmanship is Top of the Line. Thank you for my W.W.Keychain as well. I will be purchasing more of your Products and sending some pictures of my kit in the near future, until then keep Having Adventures and Stay Safe my Friend.
W.P. (Forth Worth-USA)

Hi Manuel,
The pouches are great! I ordered the Aurora Firestarter and this kit to go with the survival pouch
I love it! I can fit my common fishing supplies in the other pouches like I hoped too. No need to wear a vest now.
I'd love to order a couple of more pouches and discuss some custom knife sheaths. I am a Bark River knife fan.
I saw on your site you would want the knives sent to you and that would be fine.
Thanks again!
B.P. (Los Alamos-USA)

I received the sheath today. The sheath is exactly how I expected it to be; The size, shape, quality and workmanship is perfect.
Thank you very much. The knife and sheath together feel like a family heirloom.
D.M. (West Linn-USA)

Just recieved the package!
Wow, just wow! Wonderfully packaged, and i couldnt be happier with the product, just cant wait until next trip!
Luckily for me, this sheath will spend at least a month in the forest this summer, cant wait! You have done a great job my friend, i will continue to follow your products and i am sure we will talk again sometime in the future.
Thanks for everything, hope you the best!
K.E. (Lidingö-Sweden)

Hello Manuel I hope all is well with you. I received my sheath? today, and it is absolutely beautiful. Once the amazement of it wears off I will post pictures with it attached to my gear and send them your way to add to your Gallery. I did have a question though I don't understand how the Molle attachment works. Do you attach it all together or take it apart. Sorry I'm new to this. But everything else aside Beautiful man. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future I want to have one made for a Leatherman mut EOD.
W.P. (Forth Worth-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I received the package. Thanks, it is great!
I'll probably order some more pouches from you this summer.
Thanks Again!
B.P. (Los Alamos-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I received the sheath today. I like it very much! Looks awesome and fits everything perfect!
Best regards,
J.T. (Redondo Beach-USA)

Hello Manuel,
The 2 custom EDC sheaths arrived today. They are perfect as always! Thank you for taking the time to help me with these. I can’t carry a knife any more unless it is in one of your sheaths. You spoiled me.
Your Friend,
D.M. (Auburn-USA)

sheaths have arrived and they look amazing !!!!!!!! i will probably be placing another order with you when tax return time comes around next year until then thank you so much
your turn around time was pretty fast for a custom leather product
also when are you going to start making holsters ??
Thank you
C.G. (Metairie-USA)

Good morning Manuel.
My sheath arrived today, absolutely perfect, can't wait to take it outside and put it to good use. Thank you also for the kind gift, very thoughtful and I am sure the is a place in my outdoor gear for it!
Here is a picture of the sheath on my equipment belt!
Thank you very much I hope to be in contact again in the future
Kind regards
F.A. (Aberdeen-Scotland)

I received the pipe role today.
Wow! Excellent work... it surpassed my expectations. I may be be requesting an ESEE Junglas sheath in the near future.
J.H. (Madisonville-USA)

Good Afternoon,
Forgot to message sooner. The package has arrived and is perfect.
Thank you very much
M.F. (Alfreton-U.K)

Hi Manuel,
The belt arrived today, and I am very happy with it.
I was a bit afraid I had ordered a too large size, but actually with the adjustment possibilities it is perfect. I expect to order another belt from you in a few months time.
Best regards
T.H. (Finchampstead-UK)

Good evening Manuel
I have received the keyholder today. As usual, the final product is even better than I have imagined it. Another high-quality product from you! Thank you very much for the fast processing and free shipping.
I am pretty sure that this won't be my last order.
Best wishes
R.K. (Chur-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel!
I want to give you a little feedback on the custom sheath you made for my Busse FSH based on your Predator III Model.
The leather quality is awesome like with my last sheath from you, I really like the black. And of course special thanks my friend: You really got red thread for the sheath to match the red liners of the handle! It really does look stunning.
The contact with you was nice as always, you got everything like I wanted, from the stamping to the spare retention strap.
It is also always a pleasure to open your packages, I love your old style packaging with the seal etc., just awesome.
And thanks for your little gift, I will use it on my motorcycle key! I will send you a picture or two in the summer As with my first sheath from you, I will come back to you with a few pictures after a few months of use.
Have a good one my friend!
All the best from Vienna,
J.G. (Vienna-Austria)

Hi Manuel,
Just for you information the parcel arrived safe and in one piece.
I just need to tell you that I’m used to your high standard and great Craft man ship but I need to say that you have taken it one step further this time.
The thought put in to the design concept and most of all the finish on these sheaths is you just to much. These are the best ones so far and even if the screams ”take me out and use me" there is a high risk that they end up on a silk cushion on display in my living room .)
The adapter was a new way to think but I have no doubt that it will be optimized for the intended use. You never stop to impress me and I’m sure to get back to you with my experience after using your products.
Thank again for your support and skills and I will be back for new challenges in the future.
With the kindest regards,
H.J. (Partille-Sweden)

Hello Manuel. Just picked up my package at the post office and it's really nice work thanks for your help
H.G. (Taastrup-Denmark)

Hello Manuel,
Thank you for your email.
I received delivery of the A1 Pro sheath + additional loop.
Beautifully wrapped and the seal was intact. I had quite an audience present for the unveiling. Once exposed the initial reaction was silence which, screamed jealousy.
I absolutely adore it. I really cannot express enough the skilled workmanship in creating such a piece. Several work colleagues asked for your email address which I have supplied. Think I shall go for the top of the range belt next.
Thank you so much Manuel.
Yours aye,
E.G. (Edinburgh-Scotland)

got everything today manuel
everything looks great, beautiful craftmanship, thanks very much
all the best
B.D. (Belleville-Canada)

Hi manuel! I received my low hang adapter today. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic!
Thanks for making it for me.
I appreciate it! Thanks again!
H.B. (Upton-USA)

Hello Manuel , parcel arrived today. Fantastic leather work & excellent communication as always. Hope you have a good Christmas and look forward to ordering new products in the new year.
Many thanks
A.P. (Bagnor Regis-UK)

Manuel, they arrives this afternoon and once again I am blown away by both pieces. You and a true artist. The quality is without parallel. Once again, my children will have and be able to use these one day. Not only beautiful but the quality of the leather is spectacular. This are tough pieces that can stand up to anything I am sure while doing it in style! Love the key fob and have already attached to my keys. Thank you so much once again!
Happy holidays and have a healthy and happy 2017 my friend!
Best wishes,
D.S. (Billings-USA)

Wonderful work as always, and the ROWEN fits very strong. I think the Leather aging process will doing the rest.
I found some matching words for you as an artist and a good person. " A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; a man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist".
Cheers from Germany to you and your wife
C.P. (Norderstedt-Germany)

I received the sheath today. I must say it's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I'm very happy! The wrapping was cool too, it's shows you take pride in your work. Thank you for the amazing sheath.
Best regards,
J.V. (Concord-USA)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Manuel, you are a true artist. What amazing craftsmanship! I am blown away! The quality of the leather and stitching will turn this into an heirloom that can be used by my son and then by his son or daughter. I am so very happy, cannot wait to take out my survival pouch and clash hooks on their maiden voyage. I am even more excited now for my belt and pipe role!
All the best!
D.S. (Billings-USA)

I got the belt and pouches, all in good condition. The box it came it looks like it went through a war zone, it literally had a huge hole torn out of it lol. But belt fits perfect and it is amazing! Thank you very much, I will def be in touch with you again in the near future.
Best regards,
J.C. (Raleigh-USA)

Good evening Manuel,
I have received the sheath...and I must say it`s fantastic and a very nice match to my A1pro knife !!
Quality all the way
I will be a returning customer so untill next time...
best wishes from Norway
R.K. (Gamle Fredrikstad-Norway)

Hello Manuel,
STS-4 sheath arrived safe and sound.
Beautiful work as always, LOVE IT.
Thank you for the leather strop. Perfect for my convex blades.
You’re The Best!
D.M. (Auburn-USA)

Hello Manuel. The sheath is already here. The photos do not do justice to the beauty of your work.
A piece of modern art, made to last over time. Be sure this will not be my only Wolf Wind sheath.
D.B. (Arezzo-Italy)

Hello Mr. Janeiro,
I wanted to let you know that I have received my belt. It is perfect. The craftsmanship just amazing. Thank you so very much. I plan on purchasing some of your other items in the near future.
Thanks again.
L.K. (Bertram-USA)

Hi Manuel
I just got back from my vacation and went straight to open up the package.
I am beyond pleaed! First of all, I really appreciate the leather strop you have gifted me. It is exactly what I was looking for and I really needed it! It perfectly fits the front pouch of the Bark River sheath you have made for me, which is excellent. Thank you very much!
Concerning the pouches, they are exactly what I was looking for, and even more. The 2nd gen survival pouch has even enough storage for my little "Bushbox Ultralight", a very handy survival/bushcraft item. From now on, this pouch will accompany me on my abroad survival and adventure trips and hold my personal survival tin. I know I can trust on this very well made piece of gear. This pouch is going to see the world, haha.
The custom garmin pouch blew me away when I opened it up. Such fit, such craftmanship! You really know what you are doing and I am pleased to own such superb gear. I also want to thank you for the extra spacers. For now, I do not seem to need them, but I have to verify this in the field. I will let you know in the future how all of your gear performs. As you know, so far it has held up very well and I did not spare it. I do not think the new pouches will fail on me. Keep up the good work!
Best regards
R.K. (Zurich-Switzerland)

The belt arrived today! Even better than the pictures!
I will definitely be ordering again thanks again
C.B. (Tadley-UK)

Thank you so much for the sheath! It is a great sheath and you did a great job including the presentation and packaging!
I really appreciate it!
J.H. (Skiatook-USA)

Hello Manuel
Everything arrived today. As always your work is beautiful! Thank you for all your help, and for making the best bushcraft gear in the world.
Best wishes,
D.M. (Auburn-USA)

Hi Manuel. I came home today and the sheath was waiting for me. It's fantastic! Can't wait to get out and use it.
Thank you so much. This has been a great experience.
I will be sure to show off your expert craftsmanship and thoughtful design.
Thank you again.
A.S. (Lic-USA)

Good morning Manuel received my new pouch yesterday.Just wanted to thank you again for the awesome work you do and for including the bonus key hanger.
Will be ordering a wolf belt in November,
until them best regards
J.T. ((Westmorland-USA)

G'day Manual
I received the parcel with the belts yesterday, very nicely presented as usual. The quality of your work on the belts is outstanding once again, built like tanks (Wolf Gun Belt & Wolf Tactical Belt). I really like your leatherwork and utilising the AustriAlpin componentry within your products really sells it to me. I have used AustriAlpin buckles in other harness products and really appreciate their simplicity of function while being reassured by their holding capacity. Pairing this product with your leatherwork in my opinion makes a really cool product.
A.C. (Glen Innes-Australia)

Hi Manuel,
Sorry to keep you waiting for my reply but the hike got extended and it took some extra days before I got back to civilization and coverage on my mail account J The parcel has arrived and as always the only two things that exceeds the craftsmanship and finish on you sheath is the usability and robustness of the same. I need to say that your solution for my extension problem is bought simple as clever and I’m sure that it will solve my problems. I do not think it will take long before I place an order for an additional drop down extension. I will as soon as possible try it out and get back with my comments. Thanks again for your help and kindness,
With kind regards,

Hi Manuel,
The sheath just arrived. Thank you so much! You do great work. Very impressed by your craftsmanship, the packaging and presentation we're also top notch. I would recommend your work to anyone.
Thanks again!
D.F. (Chadds Ford-USA)

Hi Manuel
I received the belt, pouches and sheath today.
Your craftsmanship is fantastic.
I'm very impressed with every piece thanks again.
G.F. (Market Drayton-UK)

Wow, just wow...
There is a reason why I buy "Wolf Wind" - not only because of the quality, but also because of your outstanding customer support!
With your products I know instinctivly that I can rely on them and focus on the situation and my skills instead of worrying if my gear could fail. I regularly go hiking in harsh conditions, I do not need broken gear. That is why I recommend "Wolf Wind" to all my outdoor friends...
Thank you
R.K. (Zurich-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel,
I forgot to let you know that I received the S1 sheath.
Beautiful work again, thank you ! Best regards,
K.O. (Hokujo-Japan)

Hi Manuel,
The sheath and knife arrived on Friday, many many thanks, your work is fantastic. I am very pleased with the results. In fact the reason I didn't email on Friday was that I was just out to camp with a few friends and have just got back.
Already used the sheath it was exactly what I needed.
Best Regards,
R.B. (Watford-UK)

Hi Manuel
Just so you know the belt has arrived, I've actually been away so I'm not sure when it was delivered but that you very much for such a swift service! I definitely hope to be back again soon, my next purchase hopes to be the bag!
Until next time
Kind regards
F.A. (Bridge of Cally-Scotland)

Thank you for another excellent product. I am pleased that you considered making this design.
Thank you again.
G.B. (New York-USA)

The sheet arrived today. It looks and smells good! Great craftsmanship.
S.M. (Kuopio-Suomi)

Good morning Manuel,
I received the package yesterday, I must say I'm very pleased with your craftsmanship - its very nice work.
Kind regards
A.J. (London-UK)

Hey Manuel,
Received the sheath this afternoon, looks great! You are a Master Craftsman.
J.A. (Virginia-USA)

Received the product yesterday. I am thoroughly impressed and pleased. Thank you.
G.B. (New York-USA)

Hello Manuel,
I received the sheath.
Your work is incredible!!!
I will be definitely ordering from you again!
Thank you and best,
K.O. (Hokujo-Japan)

I just got my sheath for my A1,
WOW.. Amazing work!!
I am so happy with my new sheath,
Thank you so much for your good work.
Best regards
M.S. (Bro-Sweden)

Hi Manuel,
Just letting you know that I received the package today.
Everything looks great!
That's some outstanding work. I look forward to putting the gear to use.
Thanks again for everything!
J.K. (Honululu-USA)

Thank you so much for the update, your service is unmatched and by far and away the best by far only surpassed by the quality of your leatherwork!
Your Mate
V.M. (Mosman-Australia)

Hello. I received the package yesterday. I am very pleased you do beautiful work.
Thank you
B.R. (Sayreville-USA)

Hi Manuel
How are you?
Today I finally wanted to tell you how the custom-pouch (an all the other gear you made) has held up until the recent day.
I had the custom-pouch out in the woods for at least 20 times for several hours so far. And it is doing a really, I mean really good job! You did excellent work.
The only thing that has given me a little bit of trouble was the bottom. As you can see on the picture, I have applied fiber-tape onto the bottom of the custom-pouch, since sharp rocks had begun to scratch the leather whenever I sat down; and worse, the stitching got scratched.
In order to protect it, I applied tape after the first few times I had been using the pouch. This solution works excellent.
The pouch has accompanied me trough snow, rain and thunder, and it still looks like new. I occasionally treat it with swiss army-wax, just to keep it nice and shiny.
All the other pouches I got from you have also held up very well.
I am very satisfied with your products and regularly check your site for interesting new gear.
Kind regards
R.K. (Zurich-Switzerland)

I just received the package. I cannot tell you how impressed I am! The craftsmanship is unbelievable I have never seen anything like it. You are extremely talented. The packaging was also lovely.
Thank you so much and best regards!
M.P. (Markham-Canada)

I have forgotten to say everything (knife, whetstone, firestick) fits perfectly!
P.V. (Tournai-Belgium)

I have received my ESEE 4 custom made sheath this morning. A really nice piece of equipement, attiring attention from my collegues.
The packaging itself was really an artwork. I am thinking buying a leather belt next month.
Best regards,
P.V. (Tournai-Belgium)

Hi Manuel,
My friend received his sheath and he loved it. Thanks again for the work and I wish you the best.
G.F. (Southampton-USA)

Good mourning Manuel
Yesterday I received my axe carrier. As always Manuel it s perfect fits just right, you got the fit just right not to tight and not to loose. Thank you so much you did an outstanding job.
Take care my friend and Thank you once again.
F.M. (Lake Ronkonkoma-USA)

Hi Manuel,
the sheath arrived today.Perfect like always and many thanks for the Strop!
It fits perfectly for my "custom" WM1. In the attachment there are some photos from my work for your usage. My wife like this knives too and now she wants to have one in Ivory.... i will come back later for another sheath....;)
I wish you a nice weekend or the rest of them.
C.P. (Norderstedt-Germany)

I received my sheath today. Thanks for all your help. I will be ordering another one in the near future for myself.
Thanks again.
M.K. (Beech Grove-USA)

Happy news! I received my sheath for my Falkniven F1 last week. It was a long time arriving but it was worth the wait. Excellent craftsmanship. I couldn't be more happy.
Thank you very much for doing such a great job.
S.B. (Beaumont-USA)

We just received the sheaths. We couldn't be happier. They are beautiful. And well made. Very impressive work.
Thank you so much.
C.S. (Redmond-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I missed the delivery yesterday and picked the package up at the post office today! It looks amazing and the attention to detail even in the packaging was beyond expectation. It is awesome!!!! I'm glad the wait is finally over - it was definitely worth it though. I absolutely love it. . . .thank you!
C.A. (Winter Haven-USA)

Hi Manuel
Package has arrived, wonderful Work as allways! Thank you very much
M.T. (Schlieren-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel,
I've just recieved your parcel. The pouch is AMAZING. Much more better then i ever expected!!! Last week i odered couple of custom knifes of bulat steel(see pic). Will recieve it in late January. I definitely wanna sheath from you to it )
Once again - the pouch is AMAZING!!!
Y. B. (Moscow-Russia)

Hi Manuel
After reviewed the Pouches I'm happy and satisfied as always. Everything fit's perfectly and has a great finish as always. Will continue to keep you updated on how everything´s works during use. Keep safe and we talk again in the near future.
H.J. (Partille-Sweden)

Thank you for the efficient despatch of my order. The belt has arrived and is excellent, as with all your products.
Kind regards
M.W. (Plymouth-USA)

Mr Manuel Janeiro
Today I received my sheath, I just wanted to follow up with you and thank you for an amazing job.The pouch looks great excellent quality and workmanship
thank you for the help Manuel ,I will not hesitate in the future to call on you again .
take care my friend and have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year too you and your family.
F.M. (Lake Ronkonkoma-USA)

Good morning Manuel
would like you to know, that I have just picked up the custom pouch from the local post office. It is truly amazing! I have expected a lot, but what you have delivered is far beyond my immagination. I am sure that it will serve me a lifetime. Thank you for your detailed updates throughout the past weeks.
That's it. I will probably update you after I have put the pouch under heavy use, if you wish.
Best regards
R.K., a satisfied customer (Chur-Switzerland)

Dear Manuel,
I received the shaeth (NL2 / Odin) It's a marvellous work of art! I like it and it looks like it will last a lifetime.
You're reliable, you have style and good taste, that's why I chose you from all the sheathmakers I found on internet.
Thank you very much. In one or two days I will write you another Mail ... and I hope you won't eat me then ;-) I need a second sheath... More later.So long,
M.W. (Waldmünchen-Germany)

Hi Manuel,
My order arrived today.Needless to say I'm delighted with it.
Excellent quality and craftsmanship combined with rugged constructionand looks great!
I'm sure I will be ordering more items from you in the future. Anyway just letting you know that the order has arrived safely and everything is OK.
Many thanks,
D.P. (Dundee-Scotland)

The package has arrived! Thank you so much for the outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail, this is truly a functional work of art and I cant wait to get it out in the field and put it to work!
L.P. (Kiowa-USA)

I want to give you some feed back on your knife sheath. I just returned from a 5-day black bear hunt and wore your knife sheath at least 10 hours each day. I was walking, climbing, riding 4 wheeler s, and laying on the ground each day. Your knife sheath kept my knife secure on my belt.and I received many compliments on the quality and the overall craftsmanship.
My sincere thanks for a great sheath that truly performs well in the field.
I do have one question about the length - is the length of the sheath supposed to extend past the actual tip of the knife blade about 5cm? My guess is that so knife can be placed in the sheath either way - depending on which side a person chooses to wear the sheath..
best wishes,
R.S. (Kennewick-USA)

Dear Manuel
My sheath has arrived!
It is difficult to put into words my happiness with it, Truly. It is everything I hoped for and more,having only seen pictures of your work,it has to be said that only when it's in your hands and loaded that you can fully appreciate the quality and build of this amazing sheath.
In every sense of the word,a survival knife sheath,a true honour for my blade.
Solid,dependable,rugged,versatile, just a few words that fall short of a full description. I love it !
I thank you so much for your concept and craftsmanship,time and abilities.
My very highest respect,and gratitude.
Thank you Manuel. It will serve me and maybe,in time, my Bloodline well.
C.H. (Harwich-UK)

Hey Manuel,
The package just arrived and it is Marvelous!!!
Thank you so much for this wonderful work and the beautiful and tasteful packaging!
Thank you again and best regards,
P.M. (Zurich-Switzerland)

Hello Manuel. I received my sheath in the mail yesterday. The quality and craftsmanship are absolutely superb, and I look forward to many years of faithful service from such a superior product.
I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you for taking the time to post pictures and updates, and for being a true craftsman.
Yours in appreciation-
S.G. (Norwalk-USA)

Hallo Manuel
Thank you for the perfect work! All arrived in good condition and are nicely made and finished. I only wondered why the two screws for the strap on the sheath for the A1 arent black too, but thats striving for perfection ??
Thanks for the great contact and excellent products. I will be happy to order from you again.
A.S. (Rotterdam-Netherlands)

WOW! I really appreciate a great craftsman like you. It looks excellent. Thank you very much for your integrity and superb customer support. I will not forget this.
Best wishes.
R.S. (Kennewick-USA)

Good Evening Manuel,
Package arrived safely. Many thanks - the belt is a work of art!
J.M. (Gillingham-UK)

Bonjour Manuel,
La gaine du couteau falkniven est arrivée samedi .
Je suis vraiment satisfait , vous avez réalisé du trés bon travail .
Tout est parfait , ...l'étui .., la présentation..., L'emballage du colis..., ainsi que le suivi de la commande.
Avec mes meilleurs sentiments.
P.G. (Castelnaudary-France)

I received my sheath today. I could not be happier with it. Your work is beautiful and functional at the same time and the quality is second to none.
Thank you for you effort in getting it to me in time for my trip. I leave in 2 days and I will now be able to put this sheath to good use on my annual hunting trip.
I will send you pictures of the sheath in the field. Thank you again.
J.M. (Conifer-USA)

Hi Manuel,
The sheath arrived today. I’m impressed with the workmanship, packaging and professionalism with which you run your business. I will definitely recommend you when I can.
Thank you.
J.V. (Stoke Rochford-UK)

Hello Manuel,
I received the sheath today and i couldn't be happier. Most importantly the functionality impressed me.
The way everything is so obviously designed specifically for each piece of gear it is intended to carry is amazing. Beyond that even, the fit and finish is perfect. I can't describe how happy i am with the entire process from beginning to end.
I will be proud to let people know who made it and how to order one. Thanks.
P.O. (Coon Rapids-USA)

I received my wolf ii today, i wanted to tell you it is a beautiful piece of art. I am very impressed by your quality in craftsmanship and the quality of the materials. I would love to write a review and am wondering which website do you prefer me to do that.
Thank you very much for such a handcrafted quality piece.
R.G. (San Francisco-USA)
"Si vis pacem, para bellum" If you wish for peace, prepare for war

Hi Manuel
I recieved the sheath. It is amazing! You have really great skill. There is love in this product, one can clearly see that. I like how you wrapped and sealed it.
I am sure it will last me a lifetime and I will show the sheath to my friends and recommend you. :)
Thank you very much.
Best regards
R.K. (Chur-Switzerland)

Excellent job, Manuel
It looks fantastic and I am looking forward to opening the parcel.
You are a true craftsman and I will recommend your work to all of my friends and family.
Best wishes,
R.S. (Kennewick-USA)

hi manuel,
my pouch arrived this morning.i spent all day just looking at it.what a beautiful piece.it seems such a shame to use it but i will,when i stop staring at it.i'll treasure this always and its probably the last pouch i'll ever need to buy.
thankyou so much again manuel and i must also mention the packaging,i nearly didnt want to open the brown paper,it was done up so nicely.
class!thats what you have sir,class.
all the best manuel
G.B. (Cork-Ireland)

G´day Manuel
Received package today, love the Wolf EDC belt, perfect fit, great craftsmanship well worth the wait. How good's the presentation very classy.
A.C. (Glen Innes-Australia)

Manuel, thank you very much for the sheath. It is great!
G.W. (San Antonio-USA)

Manuel, I received my sheath today. It is wonderful!!!
Thank you.
D.S. (Santa Clarita-USA)

Received today. The loop looks awesome! I attached a pic for you. I really appreciate the keychain too!
I attached it to a firesteel striker that I like to keep in my pocket. Great job! Everything really fits perfectly.
Thanks again for making these items for me.
I have been searching for a long time for a knife and flashlight combo that looks good without taking up much room on my belt..and I finally found one! Thanks again! I really appreciate everything.
H.B. (Upton-USA)

Good afternoon Manuel,
I received the Pathfinder sheath and Wolf equipment sling yesterday. Thank you for the very fast shipping!
I am pleased with the craftsmanship and fit of the sheath and sling. Your work is flawless. The gift is a very nice addition too.
I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future.
R.K. (Dade City-USA)

hi manuel,
its fantastic.i cant wait till it gets here.custom made for my leatherman multitool.i'll treasure this for life.
a work of art!
thankyou so much manuel.
all the best
G.B. (Cork-Ireland)

Hello Manuel,
My parcel arrived today Excellent pouches and brilliant service
many thanks
A.P. (Bognor Regis-UK)

Got the package today and i am so happy!
Its perfect and i am 100% satisfy!
I will recommend you to all my friends with these types of knifes!
You will hear from me again in the future when i buy more gear from you!
Best regards!
Thank You!
P.A. (Göteborg-Sweden)

It looks better than I thought it would!!!!!
I cannot wait to put my knife with it !!!!!
Thank you so much it is really one of kind now !!!!!!
I feel so lucky and privileged to own such a piece of workmanship !!!!
Thank you so so much !!!!!
J.G. (Barry-Wales)

Hi Manuel,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the sheath. It's a true piece of craftsmanship and I will have no hesitation in recommending you.
Thank-you so much for your efforts and attention to detail.
All the best
M.C. (Crewkerne-UK)

Hi Manuel thanks so much it looks really great :) I look forward to getting it and to using it for many years to come.
have a great day and many thanks again for your quality work and your great customer service.
Kind Regards
W.H. (Seaford-Australia)

It looks amazing !
Can I ask a big favour !!! And this might change the way you sell your brand in the future!!!! Can you put your wolf wind brand logo on the front the sheath as well as the back.
All good logo’s / Brands are easy to see !!!! IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR QUALITY !!!!!!! Coke Cola / LEVI / Disney / BT / SKY / ETC. (Just to mention a few)
Wolfwind is a mark of quality workmanship and should be shown at the front of all your work not hidden at the rear where only people who have bought into the idea of bush craft could see. SHOW your craft and skill off and see how many people would buy into your idea of beauty and functionality !!!!!
I have been into bush craft for over twenty years and your work is top notch !!!!!
excellent !!!!!!! You know what is right and what works.
You have the skill to make an ordinary knife look good because of the sheath that holds it. And a good knife look exceptional and special !!!
A rare gift indeed !!! I belive that I am very lucky to own two of your sheaths at the moment and soon to own another!!! Which I believe will be the best I own to date !!!!
Fallkniven build quality Knives and a Wolfwind sheath’s !!!! A special combination !!!!! So show it off and don’t hide your logo !!! The people who know what to look for will see your paw print and wolf wind logo a mile off !!!!!! and all we need do to each other is nod our heads because we know we have a knife sheath of rare quality on our belts !!!! and we all understand that quality lasts forever !!!!!!!!
Thank you !!!
I believe that you are making a real impact in the bush craft thinking people of our generation !!!!
Quality lasts forever
J.G. (Barry-Wales)

Thank you for the update on the Wolf III upgrade I recently ordered.
I received the sheath for the Benchmade 162 Seibert. It is, without a doubt, the finest sheath I have been privileged to own.
The quality of the materials you selected, and the craftsmanship used to assemble it are without equal.
I will be proud to wear it and will pass the word to my fellow outdoor enthusiasts that your products are absolutely "top shelf."
I have purchased many high end knives over the years
You should be proud that your custom made sheaths are giving two of them the home they deserve.
Thank you again for the pride you take in producing some of the best knife sheaths for law enforcement, the military, and for hunters and world class adventurers.
Quality is its own reward.
Best regards,
B.S. (San Antonio-USA)

I haw the package now it looks great:)
I really hope you are proud of your work because it is Beautiful made:).
And I'm really going to make more orders from u when I haw money to spend :)
P.A. (Göteborg-Sweden)

Good morning Manuel,
I'm great thank you, hope you doing well also.
After unpacking the sheath and pouch i filled them with my knives etc.
Everything fits perfectly and i'm very happy with it.
I did'nt try to put the PXL pouch on the sheath yet because i carry him now on the EDC belt (got lot of positive response of friends who liked the combination very much), i don't think its gonna be a problem to put him on the sheath Manuel.
Thank you very much and kind regards,
O.H. (Appingedam-Netherlands)

Hello Manuel
Thank you for doing a very fine job. I have never seen anything like it.
Thank you very much
J.R. (Spentrup-Denmark)

Hi Manuel!
I received the package on Saturday.
Thank you so much!
I really like the quality and craftsmanship of the sheath!
I will recommend you and your business to anyone looking for a good quality knife sheath.
Have a great day!!
M.R. (Chandler-USA)

I received the sheath today. Thank you very much, it looks amazing!!! Your work is impeccable,,,,,I will be getting a hold of you for my Esee 5 in the near future.
Take Care,
T.W. (Huntington Beach-USA) Hi! Manuel i received the package today 20/3 and the job you have made is absolutley the best!
Thank you so much
J.H. (Lulea-Sweden)

My knife sheath has arrived and it is fantastic!!!!!
Thank you very much.
I have put all the accessories in it and it works brilliantly!!!!!
I have been asked by Richard in Hinnie Haines in Barry to take it down there and show them. Because when I told them you were making me a sheath to order and what it was going to have they got quite excited.
Thank you again
J.G. (Barry-Wales)

Mr Janeiro,
I received the sheath. It arrived 3 days ago while I was out on assignment. I just got back tonight and want to compliment you on the fine workmanship!
It is absolutely beautiful and will be put to every day use. I will send you a picture with the sheath on our gear.
R.K. (Dade City-USA)

Hola Manuel!
I just speak Spanish, no portugese, sorry. My name is J.G., I am from Austria and I am 16 years old. My dad, H.G., purchased an ESEE6 sheath from you a little bit before Christmas last year. It was a Christmas present for me and I have to say I nearly never loved a present that much! Your sheath is great, the craftsmanship is on a very high level, unbelievable high! I am often out in the woods with my companion, a black Labrador girl named Chili. (She is 3 years old now and a very good woods dog..)
I nearly always have my ESEE on the belt with your sheath and it works great, I am very pleased with it!
It is so nice to have something that is actually man-made/hand-made nowadays, I think it's great that you are doing what you are doing!
Well, one more thing, to be honest, I think you could actually charge a little bit more for your work, it is definitely worth it! I will attach a few pictures of the sheath in the woods!
Have a good one, my friend!

Hi Manuel
I am very impressed by the quality of the build!!
Thank you very very much!!!! I will contact you the next time I need a shetath, for sure :-)
Best regards
J.S. (Hallstahammar-Sweden)

Hi Manuel,
I trust you are well.
My pouch arrived safely on Saturday morning. I have to say that your packaging us a real touch of old world sensibilities, string, wax and brown paper.
The pouch is superb and looks really good as well as being tough enough to withstand daily use.
Once again thanks for your prompt service and for a wonderful pouch.
One further question I have is can you make custome sheaths for Leatherman tools such as the Supertool 300 and the OHT?
A.J.M. (West Hill-UK)

Hello Manuel,
I Have the sheath in my home today !
Great sheath and great job ! I am very HAPPY with it ! Thanks again !
Sure I Will make a video about your sheath and its quality on my YouTube Channel ("French Forester") I hope soon!
Have a great day , Manuel , And congratulations for what you do !
D.C. (Caen-France)

I received my sheath today and WOW! it looks great. I am so happy and will be showing it off to all of my friends.
I really thank you for your work, such a great addition to my knives.
Best regards,
R.H. (Columbia-USA)

Hi manuel
Just letting you know i have recieved the fallkniven sheath and i am very happy with it. The craftmanship is excellent.
I hope to purchase more of your products in the future.
A.D. (Vic-Australia)

Greetings Manuel,
I received my sheath today and your work is most impressive. This is a VERY handsome display of craftsmanship, thank you for your meticulous nature.
This is heirloom quality, worth every penny. Also I wondered, the plastic clip on the short lanyard, is there a way to open it and close it again? I have a striker I would like to attach to it.
My best wishes that you prosper,
J.B. (Kirtland-USA)

All I can say is, Wow! That looks awesome. As good as the pictures are, I am sure they don't do it justice. I can't wait to get my knives in that sheath.
I am so happy that I found your information on Youtube. I will be showing it off to all of my friends and hope to send more business your way. It has been such a pleasure and I thank you for making my decision wonderful. Now I am going to buy a firesteel and wait patiently for it to get to the US.
Best regards,
R.H. (Columbia-USA)

Received the sheath today - arrived in perfect shape and nicely packaged. A beautiful job! I'm very happy with it - and I'm considering one for my ESEE 5 also.
A pleasure working with you on this. I'm gratified to know there are still some real old school craftsmen in the world.
Kind Regards,
W.W. (Clinton-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I picked up the survival pouch from my local post office on Saturday, it is stunning, even better than on your photos ! Thank you very much for the keyring, I hope you have a great Christmas and all the best for 2015 !
Best regards,
R.S. (Schoos-Luxembourg)

Hello Manuel
The package arrived to day. And even do my expectations were high it blow me away.
Thank you were much
With Best Regards
T.J.B. (Kiruna-Sweden)

Hi Manuel,
I received your package today and, ....WOW!........simply amazing!!!
Your standard of workmanship is at a level which i thought was consigned to the history books. I am so happy that i stumbled across your website.
Thank you so much for your passion in what you do! (and i adore the 'extra' gift! THANK YOU SO MUCH!)
Please try to remember to order an Obenauf's Leather Oil for me when when you place your Obernaufs order in early December.
Thank you again and my very best regards to you,
M.W. (Scriven-UK)

Hi Manuel,
Thanks you so much. The sheath arrived today and I am completely blown away. Just wow.
Many thanks again
Greeting from Germay
P.S. (Bad Honnef-Germany)

Hello Manuel,
I received my package today.
What a great surprise! It exceed my expectations.
Thank you very much and best of luck to you.
M.P. (Chalfont-USA)

I recieved the sheath today and everything is in good order. Again, the sheath is amazing in quality and detail. The key ring gift was a nice touch and appreciated. Thank you
A.T. (Vandenberg-USA)

Manuel, just opened the package and put the knife in the sheath. Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for the communication and quality of your craftsmanship! I have 2 other knives I would like to send you for some custom sheath work. Please let me know what I need to do.
Thanks again.
J.V. (Pasadena-USA)

I just received the sheath and it looks amazing. The leather, hardware, stitching and crafting is the best I've ever seen.
Thank you once again.
A.T. (Vandenberg-USA)

Hi Manuel,
I just want to let you know that my S1 sheath arrived safely and WOW i am absolutely delighted with it!
Congratulations on your careful workmanship and the quality of your design and materials. This sheath will no doubt last my lifetime and well beyond!
There are (sadly) very few products made today with such an attribute for longevity which is something i really admire and appreciate perhaps above all else.
Thank you once again and congratulations on your great business.
With kindest regards,
M.W. (Scriven-UK)

Hi Manuel,
I received the case, it is so beautiful.
Perfect and thank you for the keychain, it made me very happy.
With kind regards,
P.B. (Chateaubriant-France)

Good morning Manuel,
I hope you are well. Your parcel with my belt and knife pouch arrived safely.
Please excuse my delay in e-mailing you but our Internet connection was not working properly yesterday but it now has been repaired.
I am really pleased with the superb quality of the belt and the pouch - the knife fits perfectly.
Thank you for your excellent leatherwork and first class service. I feel that I will be ordering some more of your work quite soon.
Gratefully yours
J.T. (Wareham-UK)

Dear Manuel,
Again thank you for the photographs of the pouch. The finished item really does look superb and of a quality that we cannot match in Great Britain.
Thank you again for your first class service
J.T. (Wareham-UK)

Hi Manuel,
Received my sheath today.
The sheath is first class quality and design.
My knife fits like a glove and looks great.
Thanks for all the detail and keeping me up to date with the photos and progress and different stages of the build process ,really nice and helpful to know and see the photos and know whats going on.
Kind regards , best wishes and thanks again.
D.M. (Bridgend-Wales)

Got it. Really looks great. Thanks,
C.F. (Plymouth-USA)

Received my belt and pouch today, i am so excited. Really quality stuff, you have done a great job. love the belt and pouch. May look into the other belt but have so save some money first. :)
D.L. (Addison-USA)

I have received the belt it looks fantastic thank you very much.
C.S. (Midwest City-USA)

Hi again Manuel,
Receive my sheath today safe and sound.
Great sheath,great quality, first class service.
I am very pleased .
Thank you, pleasure doing business with you.
D.M. (Bridgend-Wales)

Hi Manuel
I arrived back home today and the parcel was waiting for me, everything about the belt is absolutely perfect, better than I even hoped for!
thank you very much and I hope to buy some more of your products in the future!
All the best
F.A. (London-UK)

Dear Manuel,
i received the parcel today. it is great, better than what i expected.
I will definitely buy more stuff from you. thank you again, until next time.
F.J. (Rockville-USA)

Hey manuel how you doing?
Just let you know the big day has finally arrived, it turned up this morning.
I am very impressed with your work it is top quality.
I own quite a few knives and this is by far and away the best sheath out of all of them combined, I suspect my bushcraft mates are going to be very jealous. also uk's royal mail sucks they have had the parcel for a week before delivering it but I suppose the best things come to he who waits.
L.R. (Bradford-UK)

Hello Manuel,
I received the belt, she is beautiful!
Thank you very much,
P.B. (Chateaubriant-France)

Dear Manuel,
the sheath has arrived – it looks awesome and fits perfect! Thank you so much!
I’m looking forward to going outdoors with it.
Thanks again, Best regards!
M.S. (Duesseldorf-Germany)

It has arrived. Great packaging. Love the front pouch with stone and arrow.
Very impressed with your sheath.
Thank you,
M.H. (Auckland-New Zealand)

Just received my sheath today. It´s amazing. Thank you.
C.E. (Grove City-USA)

I just received my sheath. It is BEAUTIFUL! The sheath is very well made, and the packaging was the nicest I have ever seen. I didn't want to open it, because I'd never seen such wonderful packaging.
You are a true artist. I appreciate your work on this.
Thank you,
D.E. (Waco-Usa)

Hello Manuel,
The postman deliverd your package today. The sheat and pouch fits perfect.
I will use belt and sheats/pouches in various configurations on outdoor and huntingtrips in Norway and abroad.
From a happy coustomer
T.V. (Rade-Norway)

Hi Manuel,
You seem to have doen an excelent job! Thank you fore being willing to do coustom work.
With best regards.
T.V. (Rade-Norway)

Hi Manuel, I did receive your package today. GREAT product cannot ask for better quality equipment everything is perfect, the size of the pouch is perfect, the tin fit perfectly in it and the belt is wonderfull, great quality, my sheath fit on it perfectly and the way you pack the package is a very nice touch.
Will buy from you again later on for sure ( a sheath.....) and will talk to my co-worker about your great product
Thank again for you patient
P.A.D. (Petawana-Canada)

Hello Manuel,
My Kukri sheath arrived today and is absolutely beautiful.
I want to thank you very much - the whole process has been an absolute pleasure and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a custom sheath made.
I just have to decide which knife I'd like you to sheath for me next!
Very kind regards,
A.H. (Reading-UK)

Hello Manuel,
Just received the package.
Superb quality!
Well done!
Kind regards,
M.A.R. (Johannesburg-South Africa)

Hi Manuel,
I received the Wolf IV sheath today and am completely stunned. It is amazing! - the standard of your workmanship is of the highest order. Thank you so much for building this for me. I look forward to many years of use in the wilderness. Thanks for your effort.
The packaging is really something too- it was a shame to open it! Thanks again, it is very rare these days to find something put together with such skill and of such quality.
Kind regards.
P.H. (Birkenhead-UK)

You are the true master of leather.
Thanks very very much for your effort and your way of working with me to get it done in time.
Kind regards
JP (Arkel-Netherlands)

Hello Mr Janeiro,
I hope you are well.
I have visited home and have received my new sheath, very good work thankyou.
Infact I have another blade I would like to send you. This blade is from the same company again a machete but a slightly different design for a different application - slimmer and longer, this is the Condor Parang Machete. I should have a chance to send it in the next 2-3 weeks also I will have a think about some design ideas. Rgds
C.G. (Aberdour-UK)

Hello, Mr. Janeiro.
I reveived the Odin Sheath today and I love it. It is beautiful work.
Thank you very much for the great craftsmanship and also the fast delivery. I am sure to recommend you to my friends and family.
All the best and thanks again
I.B. (Freiburg-Germany)

Very nice high quality looking sheaths! I have actually seen your work before and it is good to know that true craftsmen still exist!
Thank you for sharing! all the best
C. (USA)

It's beautifully made and I think you should be proud of the quality you put into this work.
J.A. (UK)