FÄLLKNIVEN - Wolf VII Wilderness for Fällkniven A2 + WM1

Price: € 349.00

The new Wolf VII Wilderness sheath for Fällkniven A2 is built according to the basic needs for survival in the wilderness. This sheath allows you to overcome the essential demands for your survival out there in the wild, where you will need to:
- find or make a shelter against the weather (your Fällkniven A2 knife will be your best help...)
- build a fire (use the US 550 Firecord provided which includes the LifeFire - a waterproof fire-starting tinder inside the Paracord). This LiveFire is a color tracer line between the seven strands of the 550 Paracord lines. To deploy it, you just have to remove a small length of a
tracer line. Then, use leaves, grass, bark, resin or use your knife to cut dry sticks to build a fire
- find water (boiling is the most certain way of killing all microorganisms. However, will not neutralize chemical pollutants. For so, the best is to use water purification tablets that should
be carried inside the small tin pouch)
- obtain food in the wild (now, one good help will be your Fällkniven WM1 to prepare the food
you have or may obtain)

Never forget that Survival depends on your ability to withstand stress and to take appropriate actions.
Mental preparedness, knowledge and skills are a must!

In the fight for Survival, your wilderness knife/sheath are your most important survival asset...

Sheath for Fällkniven A2:


- Sheath for a Fällkniven WM1 knife (removable)

- Wolf Pouch for a small Altoids-sized tin (Net WT 0.37 oz) or another similar tin, to store items such as water purification tablets or any other essential survival gear. The Pouch provides a polyamide strap inside. You just have to pull the strap to eject the tin. This pouch is removable and for maintenance, just unscrew it

- Firesteel loop (removable and ambidextrous)

- Fenix LD22 flashlight loop (removable and ambidextrous). Other loop sizes by request.

- Wolf Pouch for a Fällkniven DC3 whetstone - can be opened from the left or right side

- Two ITW Nexus D-rings to easily attach the Wolf Equipment Sling

- Double welt

- Double stitching with double passage of waxed linen thread for maximum strength

- Wolf Wind adjustable belt loop system through three different belt loop options which ensure the sheath stays totally secure on your belt

- Ambidextrous

- Wolf Wind retention strap system which allows to move easily with your finger the strap from
one side to another to avoid damage it by the blade cutting edge. Also, the leather retention strap can be replaced, if needed.

Carry options:

- on your belt (standard vertical carry). Fits up to 6.5 cm (2.55'') belt widths and is secured with Scovill Mil-Spec DOT snap buttons.
- also, easily attached to MOLLE webbing from your backpack/rucksack
- or as a Bandolier with the Wolf Equipment Sling


- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather (8-12 oz)
- Modular leather sheath
- Reinforced stress points
- Handcrafted and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Heavy-duty Scovill Mil-Spec DOT snap fasteners
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water, mold, bacteria and mildew repellant finish

- All the Hardware is MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION
- Fällkniven A2 / WM1 knives, Fenix LD22 flashlight, Fällkniven DC3 whetstone, US 550 Firecord, Kifaru and firesteel not included

One small Altoids-sized blank tin INCLUDED


- Firesteel loop: 9.5 mm (3/8''). Other sizes available by customer request
- Flashlight loop: Fenix LD22 or other flashlights diameter sizes by customer request
- Color: Dark Brown
- Stitching color: Natural, Black or Brown ?


- Wolf Equipment Sling: € 170

Wolf Equipment Sling for Fällkniven A2:

The Wolf Equipment Sling was designed to allow you to carry your Wolf VII Wilderness Sheath
or other Wolf equipment on a comfortable way and close to hand in a readily accessible manner, specially if you are wearing a jacket or a parka. This accessory is made with traditional
reinforced leather combined with one of the best modern hardware and the strongest quick release buckles. Also, like the Wolf Wind pieces and attachments, it can be removable and replaceable.
The Wolf Equipment Sling is quickly adjustable for length and carry options


- Two ITW Nexus C.L.A.S.H hooks

- AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. This buckle easily allows you with the highest safety and efficiently
to fasten or unfasten the buckle from your Wolf Equipment Sling under any circumstances

- MIL-SPEC tubular webbing MIL-W-5625

- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather (8-12 oz)
- Reinforced stress points
- Handcrafted and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

How to measure your Sling:
Using a piece of twine or rope, start from the middle of your chest, and run it over your shoulder and across your back and back to the middle of your chest. Then measure the length. This is the LOOP size for your sling.


- Sling color: Dark Brown
- Stitching color: Natural, Black or Brown ?

Wolf VII Wilderness for Fällkniven A2 + WM1 since February 2015


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