AMSLER - Wolf XIV Hourglass 2 EDC Pocket sheath-Amsler Hurricane Pry EDC + Razor 2049

Price: € 54.00

The Wolf XIV Hourglass 2 EDC Pocket Sheath for 3V Steel Amsler Hurricane Pry EDC and Hurricane Razor 2049 is another version of the previous Wolf XIV Hourglass EDC Pocket Sheath.
Designed to be 2-in-1, this pocket sheath ensures a secure knife/tool fit through its adjustable tension system.
High-performance, ultralight sheath, perfectly tailored, offers a compact handgrip and comfort.

This pocket sheath is a great and helpful tool within the limits of a metropolitan area where a minimalist knife and an EDC pry bar are certainly needed.
The sheath offers low-profile, suitable for any everyday environment and tasks.

Small enough (pocket-sized) to comfortably fit in your front or back pocket perfectly or as a neck knife if needed.

Top-quality sheath with functional simplicity that will give years of great service.

Note: This sheath is made to fit two Amsler Hurricane: Pry EDC and Razor 2049 (the sheath is also suitable for: 2.0, Mini 2049, Standard, 2049 and Compact editions)

- Pocket or neck carry
- Adjustable tension system
- Ambidextrous

- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Black oxide Socket Cap screws
- Black oxide stainless steel finishing washers
- US Military 550 Paracord
- ITW Zip Cord Lock
- Reinforced stress points
- Handcrafted and hand-stitched with double passage of Julius Koch's Ritza 25 waxed polyester thread
- Fiebing's professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

Note: Items other than the Wolf XIV Hourglass 2 EDC Pocket Sheath are not included. Amsler Hurricane Razor 2049 knife and 3V Steel Amsler Hurricane Pry EDC are NOT included.

All the Hardware is MADE IN USA and EUROPE


- Sheath color: Dark Brown or USMC Black ?

- Stitching color: Black or Brown ?

Designed and handmade in Europe

Wolf XIV Hourglass 2 EDC Pocket sheath for Amsler Hurricane Pry EDC and Razor 2049 since March 2021


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