Wolf Heavy-Duty Operation Bag

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... A step Into the Evolution

This ultimate and professional compact bag was tough "forged" with a functional design, handmade and hand-stitched on a versatile heavy-duty bag designed for Military, long-range Hunters, Outdoorsmen and Law Enforcement operators. It is built specifically for serious users with the best-in-the-world materials and to be your trusted companion.

This bag has a camo solid color selection (kryptek camouflage the most advanced camo pattern ever achieved) that also makes it a low profile look like a perfect Everyday Carry (EDC) or just a solid base for your bug out bag.
Made for minimalist carry but has been carefully engineered to adjust to end-user requirements and to adapt to multiple mission profiles.

The durable 500D Cordura® nylon fabric with saddle-stitched thick leather (8-12oz) is practical and gives an incredibly robustly performance to the bag.

The concept/design was made to improve the organization of your gear and ensure that critical tools are kept securely stored but in a readily accessible manner with enough storage for
multi-day loadouts, maintaining an agile profile.

The AustriAlpin buckle quick-release - always two-finger safety release only - splits the top of
the shroud in four parts, allowing you to easily see, have access, load, and organize all your gear.

Also, there are integrated storage solutions on the four permanent leather pouches. These pouches are combined with a ruggedized detachable leather central panel (plate carrier) which has polyamide bands that keeps your gear available, as also allows you to customize and change anytime the layout of your gear to suit your changing needs.

A highly functional carry system supports both modularity and end-user customization of its components.

This versatile bag design provides room enough for storage the necessary tools based on the survival needs: Water, Shelter, Fire, Tools, Medical, Signal, Navigation and Food.

The 4 pouches with (16cm/6.3'' length x 10cm/3.94'' height x 3cm/1.18'' width) are designed to store, protect and transport your GPS, compass, field notebook, water purification tablets,
fishing gear, first aid supplies, heat-reflecting blanket, extra batteries, small survival items...
The room size is also compatible with a large Altoids-sized tin or similar and also for small SUMA containers (from Solkoa Survival Systems).

The leather central panel with the polyamide bands was designed to carry a selection of your tools, accordingly to your needs, such as, a folding knife, flashlight, multi-tools, tactical pen,
fire starter, fire rod, fire piston, ammunition, survival capsules containers...

The Wolf Heavy-Duty Operation Bag attaches on larger packs or plate carriers as a pocket,
mount to top, on sides, and front of your rucksacks, backpacks, on your belt or on your shoulder with the Wolf Utility Sling (INCLUDED).

Each bag is personalized - stamped with the owner´s name.

Wait time for this product 5/6 weeks but it is well worth the wait !




- Made of durable (Kryptek™) 500D Cordura® nylon fabric with water-resistant coating
- AustriAlpin Cobra Adjustable buckle (black-matte finish) - quick-release - always two-finger safety release only. It´s made of extremely resistant material for most extreme situations,
never disengage under load.
- Bladetech TEK-LOK
- ITW D-Ring Nylon
- Polyamide Webbing Kryptek
- ITW Nexus Triglide
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Heavy-duty Scovill Mil-Spec DOT snap buttons
- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather that will age well
- Handcrafted and totally hand-stitched (NO SEWING MACHINE) with waxed linen thread
- Fiebing´s oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish


- AustriAlpin Cobraframe black-matte finish
- Polyamide Webbing Kryptek
- ITW Nexus hook - C.L.A.S.H
- ITW Nexus Triglide
- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather (8-12 oz)
- Handcrafted and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread
- Reinforced stress points
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

How to measure your Sling:
Using a piece of twine or rope, start from the middle of your chest, and run it over your shoulder and across your back and back to the middle of your chest. Then measure the length.
This is the LOOP size for your sling.

Note: All the components are MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION

Carry options:

- on your belt
- attached to MOLLE webbing from your backpack/rucksack
- on your shoulder with the Wolf Utility Sling (INCLUDED)

Camo Patterns Options:

- Kryptek Typhon
- Kryptek Mandrake

Other color options:

- Black

Stitching color:

- Natural or Black or Brown ?

Size (approx.):
- Closed - 25cm/9.85'' height x 30cm/11.82'' width
- Open - 60cm/23.62'' x 60cm/23.62''

Weight - 1650gr (approx.)

Gear not included.

Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag since December 2015

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