Wolf Gun Belt

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The Wolf Gun Belt was designed and built for everyday carry (EDC) of a firearm -
open carry (OWB) or concealed carry (IWB).
Whatever you choose to carry a firearm, the Wolf Gun Belt provides a strong support because is built for ruggedness and durability, not only through the reinforced thick leather straps as also, with the additional AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles - the strongest quick release buckles - made of extremely resistant material for most extreme situations, never disengage under load, which make this gun belt one of the most functional and reliable belts.

Each Wolf Gun Belt has a double layer of premium vegetable-tanned leather - two thick leather straps reinforced and combined with a flexible webbing core (polyamide webbing), stitched together with double passage of waxed linen thread as triple-layer
(19-23 oz) approx., for strength and durability.
It is lined in grainy on inside that will prevent the belt from slipping around.

Like all the Wolf Wind Belts, I measure, cut, prepare, stitch (except the Wolf EDC Belt which is the only belt not stitched) and finish each belt myself.
Totally handmade and hand-stitched (there is NO SEWING MACHINE), it takes between 600 or 900 stitches depending on waist size, but I believe that this belt worth the effort and make each item unique.

The Wolf Gun Belt is made and designed specifically to suit its purpose and will last a lifetime, potentially several, since it´s almost indestructible.
It ages well and it will acquire an awesome patina.

All the hardware is MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION - of the finest materials.

- AustriAlpin Cobra Adjustable Buckle -quick release- always two-finger safety release only.
Color: black matte
- Two AustriAlpin 2-Slots buckles (removable)
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Premium vegetable-tanned leather - double layer (18-19 oz) hand-stitched together with core of polyamide webbing - triple layer (19-20 oz) and with double passage of waxed linen thread
- Fiebing´s oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

Waist/sizing instructions - Measure your waist circumference with a measuring tape (tailor tape) through:
a) The belt loops of your pants (not according to your pants size)
b) For an IWB purpose: to wear an IWB holster with your Wolf Gun Belt, measure your current belt with a measuring tape through the belt loops of your pants when you wear your IWB holster.

Belt width: 1.50'' (3.8 cm)

Color options:
Dark Brown or USMC Black ?

Stitching color options:
Natural, Black or Brown ?

Wolf Gun Belt since 2016

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