Wolf Drop Leg Sheath Platform

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The Wolf Drop Leg Sheath Platform was designed and built for comfort as well as functionality.
This platform provides and gives the benefits of a modular base point of attachment with high versatility, since it´s suitable for Wolf sheaths and Wolf pouches, according to each customer request.
Adjustable polyamide and nylon webbing strap fitted with AustriAlpin Cobra quick-release buckles make the platform comfortable and fully adjustable to the operator upper leg dimension.
This system ensures total security, through the polyamide leg webbing straps sewn on the leather to keep the platform from sliding or shifting from the weight of the gear. Each strap comes with an easy way to use the Austrialpin Cobra quick-release buckle for quick detachment.
Also, the main Austrialpin Cobra quick-release buckle on the platform top, allows detachment without unfastening duty belts.
Sheaths and pouches can be removed and installed creating a unique configuration setup/layout system.

Drop leg platforms are primarily a military item that were designed for the battlefield but you may want to take your sheath and survival/equipment gear away of the waistband while you hike. This drop leg platform is great for lots of movement, and little person interaction. Meaning it’s specifically made to be worn comfortably while performing a strenuous physical activity (like hiking or hunting). Nothing is pressing against your bare skin or getting sweaty, nothing is digging into your kidneys or impeding your limb articulation.
For hunters or campers, this would be ideal, as they can carry around a knife, whetstone, emergency fire starter, small flashlight, firesteel, fishing line, compass, flare or other accessories. Creating a sort of survival kit that can be kept on the leg.
This style of sheath carry system definitely has distinct advantages, but they will only be realized when used in the right circumstances.

1 - Remember that a drop leg platform is made to be worn if a hip sheath isn’t practical. Meaning that someone wearing one will also be wearing a high-quality belt. The belt helps bear the weight of the platform and prevent it from sliding down. Wearing the wrong belt will not only ruin it but it will also uncomfortably tug on your hips.
2 - Too loose – You should be able to fit one finger comfortably in between your leg strap and your pants.

- Platform constructed of premium vegetable-tanned leather (8-9 oz) for extra comfort, totally handcrafted and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread with double leather layer (16-18 oz)
- System distributes weight evenly, keeps sheath vertical and allows the use of pouches
- Flexible thigh platform conforms to leg size
- Quick-disconnect buckles for quick mounting/dismounting
- Two adjustable polyamide leg tension straps
- Nylon webbing MIL-W-4088 TYP 7 class 1a
- Black oxide treated steel Chicago screws
- Heavy-duty Scovill Mil-Spec DOT snap fasteners
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

- Wolf Quick-Release Belt Loop with nylon webbing MIL-W-4088 TYP 7 class 1a and AustriAlpin Cobra adj. buckle

- Two polyamide web leg straps with two small AustriAlpin Cobra adjustable buckles

- Four ITW Nexus Triglide

- AustriAlpin 2-Slots buckle

- Large pouch to fit a small Suma- Solkoa's container or another similar tin to store survival gear. This pouch is removable and can be open for maintenance

- Pouch with two slots - one for a Fällkniven DC4 whetstone and the other for a Live Fire tin (emergency fire starter) or other suitable gear. This pouch is fixed to the platform

- Double stitching with double passage of waxed linen thread for maximum strength

- Vertical belt carry - fit belt widths up to 7 cm (2.75'')

- All the Hardware is MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION
- Wolf sheath, knife, firesteel, whetstone, emergency fire starter and container are not included


- Wolf sheath and other features/configuration upon request

- Platform color: Dark Brown or USMC Black ?

- Stitching color: Natural, Black or Brown ?

Wolf Drop Leg Sheath Platform since May 2018


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