Wolf Bushcraft Mess Tin Holder

Price: € 225.00

The Wolf Bushcraft Mess Tin Holder was designed to carry a mess tin system/food canister or similar gear.
This beautifully made case was inspired on the earlier 50's swiss made leather army pouch/holder.
Handcrafted from premium veg-tanned leather, has two adjustable leather strap loops at the back, one of the top and one around (removable) which can be used to attach the case to a backpack, rucksack, belt, sling or anything else you choose.

Wolf Wind logo stamped and hand-stitched on the front for a distinct look.

The Wolf Bushcraft Mess Tin Holder is suitable for most of the mess tins, and also for, the
modern Pathfinder Gen2 Canteen or the Heavy Cover US GI Style Titanium Canteen Mess Kit.

Perfect for overnight bushcraft camping trips, extended hikes or other outdoor adventures.


- Roller buckles, single prong, steel, matte black finish
- Adjustable leather straps for different mess tin sizes and also suitable to attach the case to a backpack, rucksack, belt, sling...
- Double stitching with double passage of waxed linen thread for maximum strength


- High-quality vegetable-tanned leather (8-12oz)
- Handcrafted and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread
- Fiebing's oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

Carry options:

- Attached to MOLLE webbing from your backpack/rucksack
- Carried on a sling through extra steel D-rings
- On your belt (standard carry) easily detached

- Swedish M40 Mess Tin, two extra steel D-rings and Wolf Utility Sling are not included

As a Wolf Wind product, the Wolf Bushcraft Mess Tin Holder is made to order, so when placing your order, please send me the following information from your mess tin:

- Brand and model ?
- Long ?
- Wide ?
- Tall ?


- Pouch color: Dark Brown

- Stitching color: Natural, Black or Brown ?

Historical note: As far as I can tell, the original design of the classic kidney shaped mess kit started with the German - Kochgeschirr M1887, designed in the late 19th and introduced on the German Empire Army. This was and still is a brilliant piece of industrial design: It's functional and durable, it's long-lived and easy to use and maintain. So successful was the design that it
was copied by all major manufacturers for most armies. Subsequent variants were used throughout both world wars, to the present day. By the 1920s and 1930s many nations had transitioned to aluminum as the material of choice. Aluminum was lightweight, cheap, easy to fabricate and corrosion-resistant. On the minus side, it can be dented quite easily. During World War II, wartime shortages of aluminum caused some nations to temporarily revert to tinned or enameled steel construction. With few exceptions, after the war, most armies settled on aluminum mess tins.

Wolf Bushcraft Mess Tin Holder since July 2018


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